I detest those guests who came out of the bloom uninvited!




Oh my! Have you ever been pissed of by uninvited guests? Not those you like, those you don`t agree so much! I like to have people around me, but not to call me that you are at my dor, and I`m like at the other side at the town and I have to take my Speedy Gonsales skills to arrive in time to open the door for you!

I totally dislike that!

For some time, one of my aunties  have to come at my place to work some papers for my mother, accountancy papers… But she NEVER EVER announce me a day before that she will come, she just call me

-Hey, in 5 minutes I`m at your place, where are you?

and I`m like… [OMFG!!!!!] -I`m at University…I just finished”:-) in 5 minutes I`ll be home! (and all the Saints come down to earth!!!)


I really really really don`t like that type of disruptive behaviour! And I like to get the tip-off and everyone will be happy!

I am wired or…do you have the same feelings??

Anyway, my positive toughts came back fast!

Love, Andra!




14 thoughts on “I detest those guests who came out of the bloom uninvited!

    • / )
      / / )
      – / / /
      ‘ / / –
      / _/ / /
      _ / _/_, / ,
      + $$$ / _/_/_/ \ |
      /- + $$/ _/_/_/ /
      \`_ $$/’_/_/ . ______ _
      \ ( / ___,_____ _ _____,
      | `(|/_,_,__ ________/
      |. |”_,_______)
      \ (_
      \ / |-._
      \.’ /|/ \_._
      /_/ _/ /-‘__
      \ \’ \.___
      ‘. /, |_/_ |._
      \ / ) ‘. ‘_/, )
      (_( -\_ / \ \
      \__ |-‘ |/
      \._ /_/_
      \_/\’ )
      \ |
      |/ – thank you fairy!

  1. Știu cum este. Eu am o vecină, care tot intra în casă singură neinvitată fiindcă găsea ușa ne-încuiată, apăsa pe cleanță și hop era în casă, fiindcă bunicii mei lăsau ușa așa. Asta s-a întâmplat timp de vreo 7 luni, aproape zilnic făcea acest lucru. Până când mi-au venit nebuniile și i-am zis-o pe față :)) De atunci nici măcar nu mai vine la noi :)) Sunt foarte cumsecade, tolerabilă până îmi atingi limita :)))) They are rude…

    • exactttt! si eu azi eram la o cafea cu anita, ne faceam planuri sa mergem prin magazine si imi suna telefonul si aud-Ce faci, esti acasa?Ca eu in 15-20 min ajung! Am ramas masca, m-am adunat si am zis…bine,ajung si eu. Da am dumnezait bine :-)) Urasc faza asta!

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