Let’s talk about… Friends,baby!


Today started soooo bad, I can easly say that this is the worst day from this year since yet, and I hope it’s the least!!!
So, after i woke up I was so sad and depressed, it was so cloudy and rainy outside, my boyfriend isn’t here to support me emotionally …so I called my best friend, Anita!
She was a sweetie, like always and she said to go out to a coffee to talk and chill out. I said -OK! And we met.
And I realised that we have such a stong connection, we are so close to each other that we became like sisters, like one soul in two bodies.
Same light color jeans,same rubber boots-but different color, same T-shirt ( A t-shirt I and her rarely wear it!!!) -the last time was in may last year- , and the same black sweater!
It was such a funny moment – our faces were so shoked!:-))) but after we burst out laughing!
I think I’m so lucky! I love her very much and I appreciate what she did for me and I love that she is always by my side!
I hope you,my dear freiends to recieve an angel, called best friend! Wish you all good night and sweet dreams!
Don’t forget to be positive!
Love, Andra!