Truth or dare?! How to SPLIT ?

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Hello dear friends! How are you? Hope you do great!

So I made a challenge with my boyfriend that I will do the split in the next 3 weeks! HAHA:-))

so my question for you it`s… WHAT KIND of  exercises do I have to do to prepare my legs`s muscles for a SPLIT?

I knkow it will be hard, but I want to win!

I found this on wehearit and I hope it will work!

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Wish me luck and I will let you know if it works! Until then, lots of kisessssss!!!

Love, Andra!


Don’t forget to be kind!


I found this photo and I think it’s awesome! It is some nice that we can help people who needs help! I would like to do something like that in my town, it would be sooo cute! So, i noted this in my “to do list” What do you think about this ideea? Kisses to all and don’t forget to be kind! Love, Andra!

Take a risk! You have the power!



Sometimes is good to risk! If you are sure of your own forces, if you have knowledge and a looot of trust in YOU- RISK! because you CAN!

If you believe with all your heart in something, it will be possible, it will came true!

You just have to focuse on that thing, believe in it and…BOOM! the wish came true!

After I read the book ” THE SECRET” i totally changed my mind and i started to think positive and believe in what i trust and almost all my wishes came true!

I really recomand you to read that book, it`s AMAZING!

Lots of kissesss!