With love, for our “speachless” friends


As I said at “about me” I am an animal lover. I didn`t had many pets at my life, just a couple of kittens at my grandparents, a bunch of fishes, two turtles and now MY BELOVED DOG.

I truly believe in relationship with ANIMALS in general. I think they are purely than us, humans. Because they don`t speak, they share our feelings with us, wich is for me more important than SPEAKING! It`s meaningless to speak and no acting, than proveing your feelings and to have a speacial bound with someone.


Now let me tell you a storry, about my pet, THOBIAS.


I was at High School, one day with my best friend and I saw a cute rubber with a dog drawned on it, smelling like strawberry and with a big name on it TOBY. I looked at my bf and said to her : I WANT A DOG LIKE YOURS, CALLED TOBY!

A couple of mounts i was talking about how badly i want that dog, how cute we will walk our dogs in the park and how we`ll buy clothes and cute stuffs for them. After some days,my bf said that she will let her dog haveing “babies” and one will be mine! YEEY! Dream come true, BUT my DAD saied a BIG NO! oops.

I talked with my little brother and my mother to convince my dad, but after i take the puppy home.

My Toby was so small and cute and fluffy and all the fluffy words :)) and in the END , WE, with Thobias HELP, convinced my dad to accept him.

*Let me tell you, that they are best friends now,and they play a lot and watch football together* :))

2013-07-07 21.42.33

Toby is a part of my familly now, and we have such a strong connection. Because i really wanted this dog, I take care of him, i love him so much and when I am sad he came to me and lick my tears,makes me smile,we play, we run, we fight we tickle and we spend a lot of time together!

2013-01-09 23.17.45*this is me and T., makeing Muffins!*


2013-06-28 21.34.26*His first ANNIVERSARRY*

2013-08-25 13.49.24*summer fun*

2013-08-25 17.49.01*SWAGGGG overloaded:))*

I hope you liked my story!

Please take care of your pets, because they are more honest than most of the people, and they love you no matter what. 


Lots of love, Andra!



The secret of long-lasting relationship!

I want to live a Fairytale!<3
Heeey you! Do you know the secret of a long-lasting relationsip? There is no secret!
If you want to live happily ever after with your love you have to be patiend and understanding!
Another good tips are :
TRUST – if you are in a relationship you have to be sure
RESPRECT–  the base of every relation
FRIENDSHIP – if you are friends- you found your  soulmate!
JOY -everyting becomes better with a smile or after a joke!
NO LIES & CHEAT ! -absolutely NO!
INTIMACY – each one must have his/her own space
LIBERTY – don`t stay together just to of you! Let him go out with boys to watch a football game and you go out with your friends for…shopping:-)
KINDNESS– be kind to each other!
I hope you enjoy it and they are useful for you! For me they work!:-) (and i have a 6 & almost 3 mounths relationship):-)
If you have other tips please feel free to tell me!
loots of love, Andra!