YEEY! I`ve missed you all!

How are you my dear ones?

It`s been such a long time since i was not in touch with you!

I had a  busy period of time and i wasn`t able to keep my blog update…but now I am hereeee!

I want to say to you that I am fine, I am happy and loved and I want to spread my happiness and my positive toughts to everyone!

Now I have a cute white little netbook and a cute hello kitty mouse and I can write to you with joy!

In the end of this short post, I want you to watch what trick my beloved dog learned today! I am soooo proud of him! Hope you liked it!

Please tell me what you think and if you have other cute tricks for me to teach him!


Kisses to everyone and lots of love!

Love, Andra!

*i missed that*


I dare you to be YOU- be HAPPY!



So, i want to set up a challenge FOR YOU!

Because all of us have that day when everything goes wrong and we think that it`s the end of the world, that we have just bad luck, nobody likes us, we don`t like how we look, we don`t want to see& speak to anybody and so on… but I DARE YOU to STOP for a minute, chill out and think about what makes you happy!

large (1)


Take a piece of paper, put that song you like it very much and note everything you want to do, what are your dreams, what do you wish or maybe what do you wanted to do but you never had the courage…

dreamitwwishit_132765306_largeAnother important thing is to WAKE UP WITH A POSITIVE THOUGHT or A SMILE – I assure you it will make a major difference, because it`s very important the way you start your day.


Print your wish-list, put it on a visible place, like your desk or the fridge and you will see that if you focus your mind,toughts and your actions that thing it will happen sooner- or later. IT DEPENDS ON YOU! YOU HAVE THE POVER! AND DON`t FORGET TO CHERISH EVERY MOMENT- L.I.F.E. I.S. P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!






Truth or dare?! How to SPLIT ?

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Hello dear friends! How are you? Hope you do great!

So I made a challenge with my boyfriend that I will do the split in the next 3 weeks! HAHA:-))

so my question for you it`s… WHAT KIND of  exercises do I have to do to prepare my legs`s muscles for a SPLIT?

I knkow it will be hard, but I want to win!

I found this on wehearit and I hope it will work!

large (2)

Wish me luck and I will let you know if it works! Until then, lots of kisessssss!!!

Love, Andra!