Dream house- or how badly I want to move out!

Le petit hol
INTIMACY! My own stuffs, my own decisions, my own … EVERYTHING! 
How nice can be to choose a place, in a district that you like, close to your favourite places and close to your friends. You go out at any hour and you came back when you feel it.
I think it is so interesting how YOU ( us) can make an empty space feel like HOME to you.
I am ” a big, big girl, in a big, big world” and I have to start thinking what I want to do with my life. I have to set my priorities, to choose the way I want to follow,find a job, to make my dreams come true… Easy to say, hard to do! 🙂
I need your advice,dear friends! How do you started your life? It was hard to own your home and work for your own money ?How do you become INDEPENDENT?
Until next time, please stop and listen a great song! It makes me feel secure, and positive!
With love, Andra!

Bonjour printemps!

Bonjour printemps!

awwww! I absolutely adore spring! this season is my favorite! No breathless heat, no unstopable rain… just perfect temperature, kind sun, awesome day!
I will post my fav outfits and what items are my fav for this spring,tomorrow on a fresh-new post! Until then, lots of kisses and loveee!
Good night, sleep tight! Andra

Hello dear friends!

Hello worldpress! This is my personal blog, made with LOVE and all my passion for fashion,trends & cool ideas, about relationship, friendship and co! I hope you will enjoy it and this is the beginning of a long lasting friendship!
WHO AM I? I am Andra, a girl- not yet a woman with big dreams and positive attitude! I hope that one day (in near future) to open my own buissiness with my best friend-to rock my town! ( Baia Mare).
I love to stay with my beloved boyfriend, my “crazy” firiends and my family; I like to spend my time with my best firend -doing nothing but shopping! Oh yeah!-i never get tired doing shopping!  I am very friendly and communicative person.
I love to love and be loved, to laugh and enjoy all the moments!
All the best!
with love, Andra Borcea