A funny story or how to NOT travel by bus! :-))

Let me tell you what I and my best friend did yesturday! :-)) It is so funny! We was at my grandparents, in a small city next to us (like 30 minutes by car). We got there, everything was fine, but we stayed to much and it wasn`t another bus at that hour (like 6:30 p.m.) to bring us home and a friend of us (my bestfriend boyrfriend, more exactly!:-)) brought us but just the half way  and the other half we had to take a bus! (and travel like 10 minutes until city)
We got the tickets and we were waiting for the bus! :-)) The bus came, we got in and we stayed! :-)) People started to remain just a few in the bus..first 10, then 7, then 5, then just two of us…but we said we go down at a station next to the Mall :-))
But the bus had other plans ! We was just me and my bestfriend and the bus driver didn`t saw us and he believed that it was nobody there so he went where all the buses stay for a break..(i don`t know how it is called). After we laugh a little, we realised that we are far away from the “Mall” so we went to the driver and he was surprised, maybe a little scared by us but he was very nice and our conversation was like :
-Oh my, from where you appeared? :-))
-From the bus! We are lost, we just wanted to arrive close to the Mall, but beacuse we don`t travel by bus we don`t know what the station are :))
-Oh, poor you! Let ne ask a colegue from another bus if they go now, to take you..!:-) (he asked and we thanked him and went to the other bus)
And the other bus changed his route a little to take us close to the mall! :-))
we laugh and we was very happy that we found nice people, who helped us!
I hope you enjoyed my real story, cause i laugh a lot!
Lots of love, my friends!