J`adore macarons!

J`adore macarons!

Witchery linen top
$125 – witchery.com.au

Floral skater skirt
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GUESS by Marciano pearl purse

Pastel box

Do you want to know me well?

I love to write here! I hope i don`t get you bored with my posts. Because in the About page i didn`t  write all about me, i thought i will write a new post about it!…so let`s go on the job!

– I am an ARIES – in the true of the word!

-I am very alive, dynamic, lively, with a lot of last minute- ideas !

-I think I am a good leader

– I can work well under preasure, i find sollutions very fast!

-I like challanges

-I like to try new things

-I am a loyal person

-I love to entertain, i love jokes , i like to dance and sing ( I know a lot of songs!:-)))

-I love clothes and make-up. ( And I never have enough clothes & make-up& shoes!!!!ALWAYS the same problem)

-Until this year, i loved winter, but now, i love summer and i can`t wait to be here!

-My favourite number is 11 and my fav colour is coral red!

-I want to visit Paris, Rome and London

-I want to be proposed in Paris and my best friend to be there, just to film everything! (kidding Anita!)

– I love jewerly and i have a little-big collection!

-I buy a lot of watches, but i wear allmost all the time, just one- because is special for me!

-I like H&M , Fossil, NewYorker, Douglas store , Orsay, and big brands like Chanel, D&G, Guess and so on!

-I love my dog, Toby!

– I am very communicative and sociable person!

– I ALWAYS think positive !

– I enjoy drinking a good coffee and gossip with my bff

-I love those nights with a good movie, my boyfriend and lot of love

-I am scared of horror movies- I never ever watched one!!

-The idea of dying in water scares me

– I love to wear heels, despite the fact my feet hurts like hell.

-I love to be girly and feminine!

-I love pink very much, sometimes i want to be a little princess! A pink one!

– I want to move out, starting my own buissiness with my bff, move in with my boyfriend


And i could write like…forever! I hope you find it interesting 🙂

Kisses for everyone!