My fav new item this spring!

My fav new item this spring!

H M beige top
$33 –

H&M jeans
$33 –

H&M ballet flat shoes
$13 –

H M shoulder bag
$25 –

H M collar jewelry
$22 –

H M tech accessory
$6.63 –

Of course I DO!

Of course I DO!

J`adore macarons!

J`adore macarons!

Witchery linen top
$125 –

Floral skater skirt
$19 –

GUESS by Marciano pearl purse

Pastel box



A funny story or how to NOT travel by bus! :-))

Let me tell you what I and my best friend did yesturday! :-)) It is so funny! We was at my grandparents, in a small city next to us (like 30 minutes by car). We got there, everything was fine, but we stayed to much and it wasn`t another bus at that hour (like 6:30 p.m.) to bring us home and a friend of us (my bestfriend boyrfriend, more exactly!:-)) brought us but just the half way  and the other half we had to take a bus! (and travel like 10 minutes until city)
We got the tickets and we were waiting for the bus! :-)) The bus came, we got in and we stayed! :-)) People started to remain just a few in the bus..first 10, then 7, then 5, then just two of us…but we said we go down at a station next to the Mall :-))
But the bus had other plans ! We was just me and my bestfriend and the bus driver didn`t saw us and he believed that it was nobody there so he went where all the buses stay for a break..(i don`t know how it is called). After we laugh a little, we realised that we are far away from the “Mall” so we went to the driver and he was surprised, maybe a little scared by us but he was very nice and our conversation was like :
-Oh my, from where you appeared? :-))
-From the bus! We are lost, we just wanted to arrive close to the Mall, but beacuse we don`t travel by bus we don`t know what the station are :))
-Oh, poor you! Let ne ask a colegue from another bus if they go now, to take you..!:-) (he asked and we thanked him and went to the other bus)
And the other bus changed his route a little to take us close to the mall! :-))
we laugh and we was very happy that we found nice people, who helped us!
I hope you enjoyed my real story, cause i laugh a lot!
Lots of love, my friends!

The secret of long-lasting relationship!

I want to live a Fairytale!<3
Heeey you! Do you know the secret of a long-lasting relationsip? There is no secret!
If you want to live happily ever after with your love you have to be patiend and understanding!
Another good tips are :
TRUST – if you are in a relationship you have to be sure
RESPRECT–  the base of every relation
FRIENDSHIP – if you are friends- you found your  soulmate!
JOY -everyting becomes better with a smile or after a joke!
NO LIES & CHEAT ! -absolutely NO!
INTIMACY – each one must have his/her own space
LIBERTY – don`t stay together just to of you! Let him go out with boys to watch a football game and you go out with your friends for…shopping:-)
KINDNESS– be kind to each other!
I hope you enjoy it and they are useful for you! For me they work!:-) (and i have a 6 & almost 3 mounths relationship):-)
If you have other tips please feel free to tell me!
loots of love, Andra!

My new favourite store ” H & M “

H&M by be-andra featuring h&m
Hello! I wanna tell you about a new fashion store, here in my town… H&M! And became my new favourite store! You can find everything there!
So…i bought that awesome pair of shoes and i can`t wait to be sunny outside to wear it! ❤ The price is very nice- just 39.00 Ron ~11$
Do you have a fav store? Which one?
How would you wear those shoes? Tell me your ideas !
kisses, Andra !

Bonjour printemps!

Bonjour printemps!

awwww! I absolutely adore spring! this season is my favorite! No breathless heat, no unstopable rain… just perfect temperature, kind sun, awesome day!
I will post my fav outfits and what items are my fav for this spring,tomorrow on a fresh-new post! Until then, lots of kisses and loveee!
Good night, sleep tight! Andra

Hello dear friends!

Hello worldpress! This is my personal blog, made with LOVE and all my passion for fashion,trends & cool ideas, about relationship, friendship and co! I hope you will enjoy it and this is the beginning of a long lasting friendship!
WHO AM I? I am Andra, a girl- not yet a woman with big dreams and positive attitude! I hope that one day (in near future) to open my own buissiness with my best friend-to rock my town! ( Baia Mare).
I love to stay with my beloved boyfriend, my “crazy” firiends and my family; I like to spend my time with my best firend -doing nothing but shopping! Oh yeah!-i never get tired doing shopping!  I am very friendly and communicative person.
I love to love and be loved, to laugh and enjoy all the moments!
All the best!
with love, Andra Borcea