Hello dear friends!

Hello worldpress! This is my personal blog, made with LOVE and all my passion for fashion,trends & cool ideas, about relationship, friendship and co! I hope you will enjoy it and this is the beginning of a long lasting friendship!
WHO AM I? I am Andra, a girl- not yet a woman with big dreams and positive attitude! I hope that one day (in near future) to open my own buissiness with my best friend-to rock my town! ( Baia Mare).
I love to stay with my beloved boyfriend, my “crazy” firiends and my family; I like to spend my time with my best firend -doing nothing but shopping! Oh yeah!-i never get tired doing shopping!  I am very friendly and communicative person.
I love to love and be loved, to laugh and enjoy all the moments!
All the best!
with love, Andra Borcea