YEEY! I`ve missed you all!

How are you my dear ones?

It`s been such a long time since i was not in touch with you!

I had a  busy period of time and i wasn`t able to keep my blog update…but now I am hereeee!

I want to say to you that I am fine, I am happy and loved and I want to spread my happiness and my positive toughts to everyone!

Now I have a cute white little netbook and a cute hello kitty mouse and I can write to you with joy!

In the end of this short post, I want you to watch what trick my beloved dog learned today! I am soooo proud of him! Hope you liked it!

Please tell me what you think and if you have other cute tricks for me to teach him!


Kisses to everyone and lots of love!

Love, Andra!

*i missed that*


Awesome news-


Hellou! I just recieved a phone-call from my boyfriend`s cousin with a very good news!

She told me ” YOU ARE A AUNTIEEEE!” and I was so happy!

So…let`s say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Thomas Dominique!

p.s. I`m so glad that he is an aries! ❤ haha!:-) And I can`t wait to see him!

Wish you all a good day!

Love, Andra!



Do you want to know me well?

I love to write here! I hope i don`t get you bored with my posts. Because in the About page i didn`t  write all about me, i thought i will write a new post about it!…so let`s go on the job!

– I am an ARIES – in the true of the word!

-I am very alive, dynamic, lively, with a lot of last minute- ideas !

-I think I am a good leader

– I can work well under preasure, i find sollutions very fast!

-I like challanges

-I like to try new things

-I am a loyal person

-I love to entertain, i love jokes , i like to dance and sing ( I know a lot of songs!:-)))

-I love clothes and make-up. ( And I never have enough clothes & make-up& shoes!!!!ALWAYS the same problem)

-Until this year, i loved winter, but now, i love summer and i can`t wait to be here!

-My favourite number is 11 and my fav colour is coral red!

-I want to visit Paris, Rome and London

-I want to be proposed in Paris and my best friend to be there, just to film everything! (kidding Anita!)

– I love jewerly and i have a little-big collection!

-I buy a lot of watches, but i wear allmost all the time, just one- because is special for me!

-I like H&M , Fossil, NewYorker, Douglas store , Orsay, and big brands like Chanel, D&G, Guess and so on!

-I love my dog, Toby!

– I am very communicative and sociable person!

– I ALWAYS think positive !

– I enjoy drinking a good coffee and gossip with my bff

-I love those nights with a good movie, my boyfriend and lot of love

-I am scared of horror movies- I never ever watched one!!

-The idea of dying in water scares me

– I love to wear heels, despite the fact my feet hurts like hell.

-I love to be girly and feminine!

-I love pink very much, sometimes i want to be a little princess! A pink one!

– I want to move out, starting my own buissiness with my bff, move in with my boyfriend


And i could write like…forever! I hope you find it interesting 🙂

Kisses for everyone!




Let`s talk about FRIENDSIP- TRUE friendship!

Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

em_af_0851(andra-left, anita-middle, me-right)


I can say I am a verry lucky person! I always get what I wish, sooner or later! 🙂

In the past, i thought i have a lot of friends, all my acquitances were considered my friends, but I grew up and I realised that not all the persons are my friends. And I went to High School and, in the first day- I meet two persons, very important for me now. But i meet them on The FIRST DAY!

Those two persons were – Anita & Andra – my verry best friends from 2008 and…it will last forever! ( OH NOO- kidding!:-))) we pinky promised!


We get on together sooo well! We just have to look at each other an we understamd what the other want to say!


We have our own jokes, our face expressions that we understand it verry well ! And despide the fact that we are all so different, we dovetail! We are like… best friends soulmates (I now it doesn`t exist the word,but it`s kind of :-)) )



We have a lots of plans … a lots of dreams together and we want to be always best friends! And that was a promise! And we respect promisses!

What i hate about my best friends is the fact that… we can`t live together!

Despite the fact that Andra, moved to College in Cluj- (but we meet always at the end of the weeks when she came home), me and Anita are all the time together! We are in the same class, in the same seats, all the projects, all the homeworks… all the dreams… our boyfriends are friends too and we like to spend time together!


I really love my besties and I think I am lucky to have them by my side! And I promise I`ll protect them and I will love them and be by theis sides every time!

-I love to go with them at coffee shops and stay for hours and talk and talk and gossip and laugh and…love that moments! ❤

-I love to go shopping and I love to make our nail together, to go out and go dancing or singing! (We always have good times together!


I think my life would be so emty and boring without them! I love you girls, you are amazing! ❤


p.s. I wanted to post a photo with us, but my best friend (Anita) said “Yes, dear, let me find them “-and as always, she forgot! But tomorrow I will recieve them 🙂 (Love you, goopy fish with short memorry!)

Do you have a best friend from your childhood?  Or since when do you have your best friend/s?

Love you all, Andra!


(Anita-left, Me-middle, Andra-right)emin_4937(these are us, but we have nicer photos)

The secret of long-lasting relationship!

I want to live a Fairytale!<3
Heeey you! Do you know the secret of a long-lasting relationsip? There is no secret!
If you want to live happily ever after with your love you have to be patiend and understanding!
Another good tips are :
TRUST – if you are in a relationship you have to be sure
RESPRECT–  the base of every relation
FRIENDSHIP – if you are friends- you found your  soulmate!
JOY -everyting becomes better with a smile or after a joke!
NO LIES & CHEAT ! -absolutely NO!
INTIMACY – each one must have his/her own space
LIBERTY – don`t stay together just to of you! Let him go out with boys to watch a football game and you go out with your friends for…shopping:-)
KINDNESS– be kind to each other!
I hope you enjoy it and they are useful for you! For me they work!:-) (and i have a 6 & almost 3 mounths relationship):-)
If you have other tips please feel free to tell me!
loots of love, Andra!